Sitting at a balmy 28 degrees during the summertime months Vanuatu certainly delivers when it comes to tropical vibes and activities galore. To get the travel-induced endorphins pumping I have compiled my top picks of the must-see and must-dos on (and around) this island oasis.

1. Matevulu Blue Hol
Vanuatu boasts an endless array of naturally formed swimming holes. One of my favourites would have to be Matevulu Blue Hole. With crystal clear waters overhung by banyan trees this place really is as picturesque as it sounds. 

2. Hideaway Island & Marine Sanctuary
First off, fun fact for you... Hideaway Island, located off the coast of Port Vila houses a serviced underwater post office box run by Vanuatu Post! The waters around Hideaway Island have been declared a marine sanctuary allowing for an underwater wonderland filled with large schools of reef fish, bright coral and marine life.

3. Eat Like a Local
Take the time to wander down to the main street of Port Vila to experience the fresh produce markets. Weave your way through the endless fruit and vegetable stands manned by the many island farmers. Dine on freshly caught fish, purchase an authentic French pastry or sip on a locally grown and produced coffee.

4. Hike Up Mount Yasur
By hike, I mean walk the 10 minutes to the edge of a constantly erupting volcano. Yep, you heard right! Mount Yasur is one of the most accessible live volcanos and will be sure to give you an appreciation of Mother Nature. At the top, you are given the opportunity to look down into the red glowing molten rock as hisses of escaping gas surround you.

5.  Millenium Cave
Unlike number four, Millenium Cave does call for some actual hiking. Getting to the cave does involve trekking through the jungle. However, I can promise you that the views encountered along the way are well worth the trip. Bask in the natural beauty of the jungle, shower under one of the many waterfalls or take turns to leap into the river.