With 2019 rapidly drawing to a close, it's time to look back at some of our most popular travel destinations for the year. It might be too late to book cheap flights to these locations this year, but there's plenty of time to plan a visit in 2020.

10. Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is a busy, modern capital city still characterised by its history - first of French colonisation, and then the long-running Vietnam war. Notre Dame Cathedral and the Central Post Office are excellent and well-maintained French architectural examples. There are also numerous Buddhist temples and markets to visit. To learn more about the Vietnam War, visit Chu Chi Tunnels - a remarkable network of underground tunnels running for over 120km, or the War Remnants Museum. Cheap flights depart daily from Australia, many of Ho Chi Minh City's sights are free and Vietnamese food is available for less than $2 AUD in most places, making this a budget-friendly holiday destination.

9. Singapore

Singapore is generally known for its skyscrapers and hectic (read: chaotic) traffic. But there is more to this island state than the bustling city. Singapore has numerous parks and gardens, including its botanic garden, the orchid garden, the zoo, a bird park, and several nature reserves. Singapore's Chinatown can be visited during the day for a walking tour of its pagodas and temples, but springs to life in the evening with a breathtaking array of food available both in restaurants and from street vendors.

8. Los Angeles, United States

Think Hollywood, Universal Studios, Walt Disney and Mulholland Drive. Los Angeles does have some other scenic attractions including parks and Venice Beach, but this is your chance to see where the movies are made. For your best chance at spotting some celebrities, try Park La Brea, while Mulholland Drive offers great views of the glittering city after nightfall.


7. Taipei, Taiwan

Taipei is a Chinese city with Japanese heritage and loads to offer visitors. The city itself offers views from high vantage points, including the Ferris wheel, and there is also the Peruse Jianguo Jade and Flower Markets, artists collectives and temples. If visiting between late January and early March, Taipei is the best place outside Japan to see cherry blossoms. Taipei also boasts hot springs including Steaming Beitou Geothermal Valley and Kawayu Spa.


6. Guangzhou, China

Guangzhou is China's third-largest city and is rapidly gaining a reputation as a tourist destination. It has a significant clothing industry and provides excellent shopping opportunities for clothing and cosmetics as well as electrical and digital appliances. Guangzhou also has numerous theme parks where you can spend a day - these include the safari park and Chimelong Water Park. The city is also famed for its Cantonese cuisine which can be eaten at many of its numerous restaurants. Both English and French influences can be seen in the architecture of older parts of the city.


5. Hong Kong

Hong Kong was a British colony until 1997, although it was occupied by the Japanese for some years. It operates independently of mainland China and has recently been the scene of protests (check before travelling). Like many cities, Hong Kong has a unique range of attractions which are not limited to its city views, although these are spectacular. For something different, learn to make tea from a master, visit one of the national parks, or try the art of painting china.


4. Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a busy city, steeped in both Buddhist and royal tradition. The Grand Palace, once the home of the Thai king, is an architectural wonder, as is Wat Arun (the Temple of the Dawn) on the opposite side of the river. Bangkok's floating markets are a must-do, you can view an array of merchandise as you travel along the river by boat, stopping at the floating shops on either side. Back on dry land, have a Thai massage, enjoy the land-based shops, and visit Bang Krachao Gardens to escape the city for a few moments or hours.


3. Delhi, India

Delhi is one of the most important economic centres of India, with a rich cultural history and heritage. It is filled with both historic and modern buildings and temples from Red Fort, which was built in 1638, to Lotus Temple which was completed in 1986. There are also numerous tombs, built to honour respected members of Delhi society. The Garden of Five Senses (http://www.delhitourism.gov.in/delhitourism/tourist_place/garden_of_five_senses.jsp) occupies over 20 acres in the city and is filled with an abundance of vegetation, chimes, scenery and perfumes. Numerous markets and shopping areas in the city will provide you with opportunities to explore handcrafted items and local foodstuffs. More than enough to fill your senses.


2. London, United Kingdom

London is the destination we've all dreamed of visiting. It doesn't really need much introduction - we are all familiar with the names of its famous landmarks. The Tower of London, the Victoria and Albert Museum, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, British Museum, just to name a few. These are the places we have read about, heard about, and seen glimpses of in movies and on TV. London is a great metropolis and a wonderful city to explore - on foot, or on a double-decker bus.


1. Bali, Indonesia

Bali has been popular for many years as a travel destination for Australians. It is serviced regularly with cheap flights, especially from Western Australia. Accommodation, food and shopping are also relatively cheap in Bali, making it an ideal destination for the budget-conscious traveller. Although best known for its tourist beaches, Bali offers options for almost any traveller. There are quiet spas and yoga retreats for the ultimate in relaxation, scuba diving and surfing for the active traveller, and temples for those who wish to explore and take photographs.