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Cheap Flights to Hyderabad

The Old City of Hyderabad is one of India's prized gems and it continues to attract travellers across the globe. With the abundance of cheap flights to Hyderabad, it has never been easier to experience the colourful city dubbed as the “New York of India”. 

Airlines flying to Hyderabad

While there is currently no direct flight that goes from any point in Australia to Hyderabad, multiple airlines offer economic flights with single stops:

From Sydney
Singapore Airlines (one stop in Singapore)
Malaysia Airlines (one stop in Kuala Lumpur)
Cathay Pacific (one stop in Hong Kong)
Air India (one stop in New Delhi)

From Brisbane
Singapore Airlines (one stop in Singapore)
Virgin Australia (one stop in Singapore)

From Perth
Singapore Airlines (one stop in Singapore)
Virgin Australia (one stop in Singapore)
AirAsia + AirAsiaX (one stop in Kuala Lumpur)

From Adelaide
Singapore Airlines (one stop in Singapore)


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Getting to and from the airport

There are several options to get to the city centre from Rajiv Gandhi Hyderabad International Airport. 

Buses - Premier buses called Pushpak are available and apart from this, the airport has a free bus terminal. These free buses take passengers to another bus stand where buses travelling to all major points in the city may be found. However, these buses don't have the luxury of large luggage spaces.

Taxis and ride-sharing - You may also book a taxi to drop you off to the railway station. Others prefer to simply use car-sharing apps like Ola and Uber Pool.

Getting to Hyderabad

Auto rickshaw - These three-wheeled vehicles often referred to as “auto” can accommodate three or more passengers. Auto rickshaws are your best options for both short and long trips within the city as it's much cheaper than a taxi and slightly smaller making it more capable to pass through cramped streets. It's important to note that if you're riding after 10 PM, auto-rickshaws will charge half of your fare as a “half-return”.

Buses - With over 4,000 buses operating in the city, this will afford you a convenient commute. While the frequency is generally good, it's still ideal to check the timings first for you to not get stranded.

Rails - While there are approximately 84 trains providing services in the city, the trains are oftentimes described by tourists as crowded.

Cars - For the ultimate convenience ad comfort, some opt for chauffeur-driven cars for their sightseeing within the city.

What to do in Hyderabad

1. Charminar – This breathtaking mosque is deemed as the epitome of Hyderabad's art and architecture. Built-in the late 1500s to celebrate the eradication of a deadly plague, a trip to the city isn't complete without having sights of the glorious Charminar.

2. Golconda Fort – The citadel is one of Hyderabad's well-loved picnic spots. Visitors flock to the impressive ruins not just to get fascinating views, but to similarly learn about the city's ancient civilisation.

3. Ramoji Film City – This 2,500-acre filming studio holds a Guinness World Book Record for housing more than 50 sophisticated filming sets and mock-ups that all come complete with cameras, costumes, and props. Fortunately, you don't have to be a filmmaker to see this world-class infrastructure which is a tribute to the Indian cinema's glory.

4. Nehru Zoological Park – Named after India's first Prime Minister, here you will see more than 1,500 animals including Indigenous ones like the Bengal tiger, Indian elephant, Asiatic lion, and gaur.

5. Laad Bazaar – Located close to Charminar, this is the perfect market to shop for unique traditional items particularly bangles. Open from 11 AM to 11 PM, make sure to practice your bargaining skills at this vibrant fair.

What to eat in Hyderabad

Hyderabad takes pride in serving flavourful dishes that will certainly delight foodies. The most famous dish is without a doubt biryani. While widely available in the country, many claim that nothing beats the authentic Hyderabadi biryani. Understandably, people are still debating where to get the most delicious biryani but some restaurant names that repeatedly come up are Bawarchi, Paradise, and Meridian. 

Samosas are tasty deep-fried treats typically made with minced meat and spicy masala. Make sure to buy some from street markets like the Golkonda Fort stalls or Ghansi bazaar as samosas can be truly filling after a full day of exploration. If you're looking for a heavier gastronomic treat, try succulent kebabs. Traditionally served in royal courts, kebabs are usually enjoyed with an assortment of equally sumptuous appetizers. Some famous places to consider are the Siddique Kabab Centre and Sarvi.

Don't leave Hyderabad without trying a cupful of the milky, bitter chai tea. Known as the “Soul of Hyderabad”, the all-time popular Irani tea is offered by cafes throughout the city. It's best to pair it with pastries or the city's very own Osmania biscuits.

Hyderabad is indeed full of vigour and with cheap flights readily available, you are in for a spectacular holiday.

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